In the darkness



Honesty, (Lunaria Annua), very weather worn and fragile needs only a fraction of light to look amazing.

They are so called Lunaria because of the moon shape of the translucent seed heads. They are so fragile that I own to breaking one or two in the process of the photography and once detached from the main stem they reminded me of crochets written onto a sheet of music.

My interpretation may demonstrate that I show none of the musicality of my family.

But lay claim to being an artist nevertheless.


Christmas Roses

5S7A8221-Edit-2The Hellebore is one of my favourite flowers, not least because it flowers for long periods at a time when one would think such fragility should really struggle to survive a Northumbrian winter.

And when gardening and plants seem to cost the earth, the meek little hellebore spreads really willingly so cutting the cost of filling a bed.

It is a lot tougher than it first appears.

A Different Take



Winter is here and the light levels are so low. Not so many days that are not overcast and wet at the moment.

Bringing little pieces of the garden into the studio offers a different visual perspective on the flowers and vegetables I am growing.  Changing the lighting on the papery remains of garlic flowers and sheaves of onion skins using too much light, almost no light, breaking all the rules with depth of field has been a freedom learned.

Relearning Photography

Creative with Cameras

Lovely company and a really enjoyable day at our workshop on 30th August.

We spent most of the morning talking about how to use the settings on our camera to be more creative when taking our photographs when close up and landscape.

Some practice in the studio and in the gardens helped everyone get more familiar with a ‘non-automatic’ way of thinking about photography.

An Amazing Day


Simply Beautiful

This was such a happy day for the couple who married in their local church at Wark, Northumberland and visited The Photographers’Garden for some photography on their big day. As relaxed and as informal as a wedding could possibly be, friends and family made the day just perfect.

Photography Workshop

Rock, Roses, Rain and Reflection

The Photographers’ Garden is holding a Photography Workshop on Friday, 30th August, 2019.

We begin around 10am with some light conversation over morning coffee and explore artistic and technical ways to get more enjoyment from your photography. We will talk about how to use your camera settings to make your ideas into photographs and venture into the gardens to put it all into practice.

Lunch is provided, with most of the fruit and vegetables coming from the Garden. We usually end the day with a cup of tea and cake, and a concluding conversation about your photography.

We will be a small group, intending to provide individual conversations and guidance over the day, making the tuition as flexible as possible whatever your photographic interests or current skills.

The cost of the day is £90 including lunch, teas and coffees. A follow up meeting is also included (at a date to be mutually arranged either with the group or individually) to further your skills and knowledge.

To book, please call 07711305576.