Sensitively Non-intensive


Not being able to direct sow any vegetable seed has created extra work in the greenhouse, now fully repaired, but it is by far the easiest way to manage everything for now. The beds are nowhere near ready to hold plants of any kind.

Soul searching about how to get the most from the garden to give some return for the time it takes to keep it productive, I researched for months about how I might make the garden pay for itself, but all things along these lines challenged the atmosphere of the garden and my own ethics.

Any kitchen garden is intensive however delicate the intentions of the gardener. If it is managed in some way it then must be against the natural form of the indigenous or local plant population. Ideas like flower farming, selling veg, even if that were seasonal produce, jarrs with  the whole ethos of the garden. This garden has its own atmosphere and I will maintain it in keeping with that character of traditional kitchen gardening, being as sensitive as possible to seasonal food and flowers. As non-intensively as I can.


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