Wildish raspberries

Raspberry and Thistle

The whole of the growing area of the garden is infested with raspberries which had self seeded over the years from a bed of a really good tasting variety that sadly I don’t know the name of. So, freezer full with a bumper crop, raspberry jelly made and the canes now empty, we have begun to cut away the thistles in what I remembered to be the main growing area. invisible up to now, we have uncovered the original currant bushes now only growing from their tips having been smothered with tall thistle and other strong weeds for many years.

Concealed in 6 feet tall nettles along the west wall David Cowan uncovered a second iron tree support, the uses for which I was able to see from ‘Walled Kitchen Gardens’ by Susan Campbell. I now have two halves to make a whole support spanning about 6 feet in diameter and am wondering what to use them for.

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