Border walk


The Apple Walk


We can now navigate our way around the edges of the garden and I have a clearer vision of how this is all going to take shape. I say clearer, not really clearer, just mixed thoughts about how to proceed not really considering the enormity of the work involved.

Having a helping hand from ‘The Complete Gardener’ by Monty Don, the enormity of the whole project hit me like a ton of bricks. I am so glad I didn’t think along these lines at the beginning or I might not have ever started this. But, if he can have a ‘Lime Walk’ at Longmeadow, I can have an ‘Apple Walk’ in my garden. And now I do.

We have begun to clear out the orchard uncovering the apple trees giving them some light and air. It is all so very wet but the trees are healthier than I had hoped for barring the extensive lichens on the smaller ones.

And the overworked garden tractor keeps going, leading out seemingly tonnes of garden waste.

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